Introducing Jooqboxx .. A new vision in Artwork'

Snapshot ...

The ‘creative process’ fascinates me - Whether it’s the curves and forms found in automotive design, marvelling at the ingenuity of modernist architecture, or being captivated by the vibrant colours and aesthetic of Tokyo’s street culture - literally anything and everything has the potential to ignite my imagination.

My name is Simon Goddard, and three years ago the first spark of an idea that’s ultimately led me to create and launch JOOQBOXX Modern Artworks, appeared as a random sketch in a notebook.

As with all ideas, until they’re realised as tangible items they remain only as concepts, and for me, the lock-down situation we’ve all found ourselves in during 2020 finally galvanised me into action and gave me the unexpected opportunity to act upon my instincts and begin prototyping the artwork’ ideas I’d been sketching and designing since 2017.

Fast Forward ...

Throughout my professional career as an Interior and Exhibition Designer, I’ve continually prototyped and refined solutions to create structures and environments with true 3-dimensional form from essentially 2-dimensional materials.

Over time, I’ve developed a strong ‘multi-layered’ theme to my design work, which when combined with impactful graphic forms and rich colour palettes produces truly dynamic results.

Taking this concept forward, my 2017 ‘spark of an idea’, to create a range of new artwork’ concepts for today’s modern interior styles, formed in perfect parallel with the latest innovations in printing technologies, and it’s been these manufacturing methods that have ultimately allowed me to see my ideas produced both cost-effectively, but most critically with the exceptional colour vibrancy and absolute accuracy I demanded.

Playing with Layers ...

Spurred on by my own love of modern contemporary art and yet frustrated by the availability of anything that met with my aspirations outside of the expense of a ‘one-off’ commission, I set about developing an affordable range of fresh, new artwork’ designs for my home, that both reflected my own personal tastes, but which I was also confident would resonate with other like-minded individuals looking for a new concept in framed artworks to enrich and enhance their modern interior schemes.

Show me something Different ...

Choice of art is something uniquely personal to every one of us - It can accentuate colours and influence emotion ... It has the ability to breath life into a space.

In short, it can transform a House into a Home ... so whether it’s clean lines and subdued colours to create a sophisticated atmosphere that’s your preference, or a powerful punch of bright colour and bold organic shapes that’s needed as the final flourish to complete your interior scheme, JOOQBOXX will have a design and colour option to perfectly fit with your vision.

A young Brand with Big Ideas ...

Each of our signature artworks are individually printed onto multiple layers of optical-grade clear acrylic, assembled in-house, and hand-finished to ensure exceptional quality, and with our over-arching ethos focussed on constant innovation and a genuine desire to develop new and original artwork’ designs, we’re confident that you’ll continue to discover inspirational, intriguing and affordable ‘statement-piece’ artworks every time you visit and purchase from us.

Welcome along ... It's sure to be an exciting journey !